Do I need my roof inspected?

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Have you noticed shingle granules in your gutters and at the bottom of your downspouts?  Can you physically see imperfections in your roof that you haven’t noticed before?  Do you notice dents or dings in the metal accessories and/or vents on your roof? These are all signs that you may have experienced some damage caused by a significant storm in your area, even one in the past. 


We have had the opportunity to research several roof types and weather behavior in our area.  In addition, we've been through many significant storms as well, there have been times that our family is watching the local weather channel and hearing hail hit the roof and home so hard that there was no doubt that it was going to end up in my living room.  Feeling the slams and bangs against the windows, gutters, and the roof and listening to the winds howl past the homes with the trees swaying furiously it was very apparent that our property was going to experience some significant damage. 

Not all roof damage may be noticed at first.  Roof damage can often be very difficult to spot from the ground due to the various colored roof granules on different homes.  Hail may bruise or penetrate the protective backing on the back of a shingle and that damage cannot be confirmed without a licensed roofing professional inspecting your roof.  If in fact the damage from the storms compromised the integrity of your roof and other items on your property, you may have experienced a total loss and your insurance company needs to be notified. 

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